Goodwill Squashing

Goodwill Squashing is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Sneak in and harvest a Squash from Lakeside Farms, then deliver it to Barkeeper Cormack as a sign of goodwill.

Quest Giver:

This blight is going to paralyze the trade between our settlement and the other settlements on this island. Barkeeper Cormack in Windsward comes to mind immediately. He has a family recipe for a delicious stew that makes good use of the squash in this area, and hearing our source for squash is compromised will sink his heart.

I have a feeling Lakeside Farm in Moonshade to the south will still have suitable soil, but the Lakeside Withered there are stronger than any you've encountered before. Sneak a Squash from those farmlands, and deliver it to Barkeeper Cormack in Windsward as a sign of good-faith trade.


Keeping trade partners happy and preserving relations with other settlements is part of my job. I appreciate the help in keeping our relations with Windsward healthy.