A Time to Choose

A Time to Choose is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Report back to the Magistrate

  • Location: Windsward
  • NPC: Adjudicator Dempster
  • XP Reward: 1000
  • Gold Reward: 1202
  • Item Reward:
  • Standing Reward: 100
  • Azoth Reward:

Quest Giver:

The war against the Corrupted begins small, a torch in the darkness. We must stoke it into a brilliant blaze for all to see! You have shown yourself a true friend and ally to the Covenant, and all humanity. I would gladly offer you the chance to join us in our struggle, if that is your desire.

But for the moment, you must make haste and return to Magistrate Korrapati. Her role as the arbiter of the Pact ensures the balance in the settlement is maintained, and she will have an important question for your consideration.

I invite you to return afterward, so that together, we may bring peace and light to this island.


Any further dealings between us must wait, as you have a pressing appointment with Magistrate Korrapati... and your destiny.

Choose wisely.

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