Tainting the Tainted

Tainting the Tainted is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Deposit the Bile-Soaked Meat into the Gruel Barrels at Canary Camp.

Quest Giver:

Wouldn't it be better to engage in subterfuge against the Corrupted than all-out war? I have a plan to poison the Corrupted and if it succeeds, we will spread the news of another tool in our arsenal against the encroaching darkness. In Canary Camp, the Corrupted Cooks prepare gruel by the barrel to feed their comrades. Take this Bile-Soaked Meat and slip it into the Gruel Barrels. They will be guarded, so be careful, and hurry back once the deed is done. If this works, you won't want to see... or smell... the aftermath.


I am always thinking of ways we can free us from the threat of the Corrupted. This may not work, but I am eager to try nonetheless in the name of protecting Aeternum.


So, the poisoned meat has been planted! Ah, how I wish I could see the looks of confusion on those pale grey faces when they feed on that tainted gruel. We will soon see if this has any effect on the Corrupted population of Canary Camp. Whether or not it works, I must thank you for testing my theory.