Tears of a Wraith

Tears of a Wraith is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Gather a Teardrop Gem from Stephen at the Stephan's Claim.

Quest Giver:

Yes, I'm the Artificer for this territory. If you're looking to learn how to make money, then you've come to the right place. The name's Wrightson.

I've heard before that struggle, pain, and misery leads to great art. Bah! Great art is about getting that spark of inspiration and capitalizing on it! Take me for example. Hearing rumors of your strength leads me to a spark of inspiration, and I will capitalize on it by giving you a request.

The Claim is overrun by the Wraiths of Stephen and the Teargem stooges that worked for him. There was an accident with the explosives they used, and the entire party was wiped out. They were after precious gems shaped like teardrops.

The beauty of these gems are unmatched. Clear out Stephen's Claim, get one of those gems, and I will reward you quite handsomely!


Legend has it that these Teardrop Gems are a crystallization of tears from the weeping Wraiths that haunt the mine. Do ghosts even have tear ducts? I think not.


Yes, these gems are quite exquisite... They are clear, virtually no flaws. Their clarity is almost haunting. Maybe all that wailing in the mines really does lead to better quality gems?

There may be beauty in pain. Or perhaps the struggles we face transform into something beautiful. These gems may be proof of that. A crystallization of our past...

For now, the gems will sell for a work nicely. Here's your cut, now leave me to work.