Jar of Black Bile

Jar of Black Bile is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Assist Artificer Cotheran with further research by collecting samples of the Sludge of Corruption from the Plainsblot Corrupted at Harplass Homestead

  • Location: Windsward
  • NPC: Artificer Cotheran
  • XP Reward: 3200
  • Gold Reward: 3267
  • Item Reward: Weapon Case (T2)
  • Standing Reward: 175
  • Azoth Reward: 10

Quest Giver:

And hello again! Ah, you must be interested in continuing with our research from earlier! Splendid.

I have been reviewing my notes, and I am at a bit of an impasse. You see, many of the locations my colleagues are investigating have been claimed by various types of Corruption, which is far more rare in this part of the island.

However, I have been told about an area to the west, Harplass Homestead, that has just recently been Corrupted... likely by that infestation further to the west. In any case, I'd like you to gather a good quantity of this sludge if you can. Now, it will be quite dangerous, so I would suggest collecting it from the Plainsblot Corrupted that are about the area. Try not to spend too much time mucking about in that stuff, if you can.


This will be my first opportunity to study the... whatever it may be... in person! I'll admit, I have been a bit jealous of my colleagues who have had opportunities to interact with it up close, but the stories of what has happened to those who spend too long in it are... Well. Let us say that the less time spent in contact with this sludge, the better!


Expert timing, I have just finished preparing a suitable vessel for holding this dark humour, hopefully preventing it from spreading whatever vile ills it carries with it.

Ah, you certainly did your diligence in collecting this, well done! Now, let me transfer it into the... yes, perfect. And sealed!

It certainly is a lively fluid, isn't it? Even at a distance from where you collect it, I can feel it pulsing and shifting inside the jug. Quite unsettling, honestly. I may need to take extra precautions before beginning.

And for you, please accept this. If all goes well with this, I shall certainly ask for your assistance again in the future!

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