The Lonely Harvest

The Lonely Harvest is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Retrieve the abandoned Crates of Corn and Baskets of Strawberries from Moe's Farm for Barkeep Cormack

  • Location: Windsward
  • NPC: Barkeep Cormack
  • XP Reward: 3200
  • Gold Reward: 3267
  • Item Reward: Dye Pouch (T0)
  • Standing Reward: 175
  • Azoth Reward: 10

Quest Giver:

Good to see you again! I hope you've been eating well on your travels. Nothing sadder than someone stuck eating boring and bland food, I say!

Speaking of food... I'm glad you're here. A friend of mine, Moe, has a farm just to the southwest of here. I suppose I should say had, since he abandoned it to those cretinous Ridgethrash Withered who marched in. Didn't have much say in the matter, if he wanted to get out with his skin intact.

Now, he had just finished storing a harvest of Corn and Strawberries from his fields there, and all of that food is going to go to waste unless someone can bring it back. If you're headed in that direction, do you think you could gather up what you can find and bring it back? I'll be certain it's put to good use.


You may have passed the Moe's Farm already, and didn't even know it. It's small, just a cottage and a few fields, just along the road to the southwest leading down into First Light. Just keep an eye out for those Ridgethrash, they're not exactly friendly.

I'm not sure how much of his harvest may still be remaining, but I'll be happy for whatever you're able to bring back.


Hey, welcome back, friend! From the way you're carrying those baskets, I'll bet they're pretty full! Here, set them down on the bar top. Mmm, fresh strawberries, great! Oh, and some of the corn survived as well, even better!

Moe's a good man, and was just looking to retire in peace when he came here. No drive to explore or tame new lands in him, he just wanted a simple and quiet life. That's why he took to the hills as soon as he arrived, found himself a plot of land to build on and got to work making a new home.

It's a shame, really. He left the Old World to get away from war and chaos and death, just to find it all over again here. Oh, and before I forget, here's something more to keep you going out there!

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