Miner Requisitions

Miner Requisitions is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Collect Batches of Charcoal from Ironslag Corrupted at Letum's Pick, and recover Jerked Fish from Forellac

Quest Giver:

Howdy, it's good to see you again! Seems like the people here have taken a liking to you. That's great, I knew you'd fit in here!

Have you been to Letum's Pick, the mine to the north? They used to supply us with a lot of building materials, and made a lot of the charcoal for the area. They even traded it with the fishing village to their west, Forellac, for a bit of variety. Turns out, we still need that charcoal, and some fish would be a nice change of pace!

I don't want to bother you with this, but... if you're going that way, could you bring back some of the charcoal and the fish?


Wow, that was so fast! I... Oh, you haven't gotten the Charcoal from Letum's Pick, have you? Or the Jerked Fish from Forellac? I'm sorry... I know it was a lot to ask. But it really would be a huge help for us.

I don't really know what you'll find up there, since we haven't had word from them in quite a while. Be careful, all right?


You really did it! Wow, this is great! I know the smiths here will be really thankful for the charcoal, we've been running low... and you even got the fish! It's my favorite, they used to do something magical with herbs and spices in that village.

It's so sad what happened, the mine full of those strange Corrupted and Forellac being abandoned... but maybe people will come back some day. Maybe someone else will figure out how to make the fish! Wouldn't that be something?