Of Our Own Flesh and Blood

Of Our Own Flesh and Blood is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Subdue the Mindstruck in Sinanovic Farm to collect soil samples for the Overseer.

Quest Giver:

Adventurer, the time has come. I have my suspicions about Brightwood, but I don't want to believe them until I have proof.

There is a particularly fertile farm to the south, Sinanovic Farm, that was written of as a farm of plenty. However, reading between the lines and deep in metaphor clued me into a darkness that went unwritten in the history of this territory.

Subdue some of the Mindstruck ghouls there and collect the soil that clings to their bodies. I will study that soil, and help us all if my conclusions are proven true.


Incomplete: Go to the Sinanovic Farm to the south. What horrors may be there I can't imagine.


I can feel my stomach drop as I study this soil. It's clear to me now that the people of this area must have combined azoth with their own flesh to fertilize these fields.

The glow to the fertilizer, the bones in the earth... The wretched undead and the ghouls that cling to the earth may be bound here because of this sick ritual. It's enough to make your skin crawl and your stomach churn.

I may not eat for days. I would rather we starve than use this knowledge to expand our settlement.