The Gleaming Edge

The Gleaming Edge is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Collect Starmetal Whetstones used by the Elite Grubby Rebel Berserkers of Stone Skull Fort

  • Location: Great Cleave
  • NPC:
  • XP Reward: 15000
  • Gold Reward: 46668
  • Item Reward: Dye Pouch (T0)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 30


A great haul, wonderfully done! While you've been out, I was able to stop three other shipments from making their way to the forges of Caminus. Felt good to be up and active, not just sitting here and watching. Maybe after this, we can have a nice little celebration...

Oh, Ranger Madaki sent a runner earlier, in case you stopped by. She's almost completed the Hatchet, and it looks like with what you have, she'll have the final pieces she needs. Hurry up there!

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