Pocket Full Of Memories

Pocket Full Of Memories is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Defeat Bronzeroot warriors and find a possible source of their strength.

Quest Giver:

Ah, are you looking for some tips on the hazards in the area? I am Bankole, the Survivalist for Brightwood.

As you've seen, Brightwood is a land where the undead and ghoulish run rampant. But nestled in the heart of this decay is life blooming anew.

The Bronzeroot warriors on the far side of Brightwood are a strong, yet docile force on this island that we have yet to understand. They only unleash their full strength when provoked, and do so in effort to protect this island.

The strength of the Bronzeroot is ancient, and to learn more you must face them directly. Engage them in battle and you will see what lies beneath their armor.


The armor of the Bronzeroot warriors reminds me of the beauty of this island. Yet, their battle sense is more ferocious than any beast contained on her. Take care not to die too many times to their forces.


These Satchels... Their scent is so nostalgic. I smell it faintly around the entire island itself, but it's so concentrated in these pouches...

You're right to have brought them to me, this too is part of their well-kept secrets. They contain petals that I have seen on the armor of the Bronzeroot soldiers, but quite old and withered. They also contain a desiccated bark that I can't quite place. I've seen them take pilgrimage to other places on the island with these satchels. Their purpose is still a mystery to me...

If you're strong enough to survive the perils of the Bronzegrove wilds, then perhaps you are worthy to learn more of its secrets.