Dagger in the Mist

Dagger in the Mist is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Search The Dagger and The Grey Mist for jars of wine and return to Barkeep Lother.

Quest Giver:

If anyone knows how to turn anything into alcohol, it's the sailors that shipwreck onto Aeternum. The diversity of those who come here means that we see some of the finest spirits from all over the world crash onto the island.

Two shipwrecks on the north coast, both held by the Turncoat Pirates, are quite intriguing. They apparently horde some fine booze. The wrecks are named The Dagger and The Grey Mist.

Though you may have to fight a Turncoat or two, search the wrecks for jars of wine and we may have a fun time yet!


In a different life I may have been a sailor. Wine for sustanance on the open seas, the salty air and shanty songs... Though being a woman may have limited my options, being on Aeternum has given me a freedom that I may not have found elsewhere. I'll drink to that.


You've returned, I've been waiting for this! Time to pop those corks and get pouring!

This is the stuff. This wine will have you under the table in minutes. It's truly spirits like these that remind me of why I came to this island... I came to explore my passions without hearing it's improper for a lady.

You could say that these spirits lifted my spirits. How funny... Thank you for this, adventurer.