Dispatches to the Front

Dispatches to the Front is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Retrieve the Sealed Captain's Orders from the Cannonstorm Pirates of Coffman's Redoubt

Quest Giver:

Ah, expert timing. I was hoping you would stop to talk. Ahem... I have a sensitive matter to discuss.

You see, I used to be a ship's captain... that ship above you, actually... so I'm familiar with how a ship functions. Often, when in the direct employ of a state, ship captains were given Sealed Orders to be opened at sea, preventing those orders from being discussed in public. A drunken crewman telling the wrong person about their cargo or destination is just asking for piracy, and it wouldn't do to let enemy spies know what you're about before you do it.

Now, the Cannonstorm Pirates of Coffman's Redoubt have taken to collecting these orders as some form of trophy, many of which could have vital information inside. I'd like you to retrieve these for us, quickly. And please, be discreet.


Have you taken care of that situation we discussed earlier? Coffman's Redoubt is northeast, across Las Torres Bay. If you see a group of angry pirates in a fortress, you've found the right spot.

The... goal... should be carried by many of the Cannonstorm Pirates there. Good luck.


You're back! Were you successful? Let me have a look...

They seem to have gathered more than I thought... Hm. Most of these are standard orders, giving directions to Aeternum, with some basic notes about the island. No warnings about the storms, however. I wonder if that was an active decision, or they were just unaware?

Perhaps there is something more, buried in the text, that could help us. I'll begin reviewing them immediately. Thank you again for your assistance... and continued discretion.