Blinding Light

Blinding Light is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Kill the feared Inquisitor Lucia, and bring proof of her brutal tactics to Magistrate Farrell.

Quest Giver:

Ah, hello there. I'm the Magistrate for this territory. My name is Farrell. If you've spent any time in our home of Brightwood, you've seen how undeath has its unholy grip around the territory. One of the largest problems for the settlement is the brutal Inquisitor Lucia.

Lucia is a name that sends shivers down the spines of all who inhabit this settlement. Stories of her brutal tactics are relayed in hushed whispers, and even in undeath she continues to torture those who cross her path.

Please, help the settlement by ending Lucia's tortuous ways. Bring me her tools, so that her bloody legacy may end.


Have you come face to face with the Inquisitor? Though she may believe she is purging Brightwood, her undeath makes her bloodthirsty for the innocent. For the good of the settlement, please stop her.


You've done it! These bloodied tools... I can't imagine how many innocents must have fallen to their sharp grasp.

Lucia must have truly believed in cleansing the Brightwood, but to have fallen to the same undeath that she aimed to purge is but a bitter irony. Maybe her own quest to deliver justice only drove her closer to undeath.

The settlement was once plagued by the screams coming from that Cathedral, but we may rest easier knowing that Lucia is taken care of. Thank you, adventurer. We are in your debt.