Humble Strengths

Humble Strengths is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Extract the essence of the Bitterblade Corrupted at Odium fort, and get a fresh sample of Blight from the Putridspore Cultivators across the Blighted Wilds.

  • Location: Shattered Mountain
  • NPC: Ranger Herath
  • XP Reward: 14500
  • Gold Reward: 42120
  • Item Reward: Dye Pouch (T0)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 30

Quest Giver:

Are you the adventurer Ellwood spoke of in his talks with the Greyjacks? He had many stories of your investigations of the Blight. I'm Ranger Herath, pleased to meet you.

The Blight can mercilessly sap the body of whatever it touches, and the Corruption saps the soul... I've seen it far too often as a Greyjack. Given that anything spending too long near those writhing growths becomes Corrupted, I would expect the Blight to have been overcome. But it seems the Corrupted are apprehensive of invading areas that are Blighted. This may mean a new way to fight against the Corruption...

I've found that the essence of the red Corrupted can be extracted, though it is rare. If you can find Corrupted who have not been exposed to the Blight, perhaps the Bitterblades at the Odium fort to the west, you may have luck in acquiring some of their essence. Once you have that, bring a fresh Blight sample from the Blighted Wilds and I can begin investigating further.


Funnily enough, the other Greyjacks call me Alchemist Herath. And though I may not align myself with the Syndicate, I do appreciate their hunt for knowledge... even if it often causes more conflict with the other Factions.

If knowledge truly is power, as the Syndicate believe, we certainly need it here in the north.


Though the other 'Jacks may have laughed at me, mixing strange concoctions in bubbling vials, these discoveries will be invaluable in our efforts to both contain the Blight and oppose the Corrupted. Give the essence and sample here, and I'll begin.

...Marvelous! Normally, the Corrupted essence would latch on to anything living it comes in contact with. I've seen many men fall to the Corruption, and seen the swath of red spread across the island. But, the Blight fungus holds its own. I would expect it to take over with veins of red, but this Blight sample seems unaffected...

The Corrupted must fear the Blight just as much as we do, perhaps more, if their ruthless ability to Corrupt the living holds no power over the Blight. Unfortunately, the Blight still harms us as well, but this knowledge is invaluable.

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