The Best of Us

The Best of Us is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Cut down the former Greyjack researcher, Archaeologian Sauquillo, and return her Heartgem to Watcher Magoro

Quest Giver:

Listen. After what happened the last time... well, no more wild goose chases. The Greyjacks have a problem, and our fighters are scattered across the north. You're probably the best fighter here, so I need to ask for your help.

Before the Corrupted broke our lines, the Greyjacks had a digsite to the east called Sever Castra, led by one of the smartest people I'd ever met. Her name was Sauquillo, and she was brilliant... which is why her Corruption was such a crushing blow. Like Captain Patricia to the south, she was able to somehow Corrupt most of the digsite, then crush our fighting forces from behind.

I'd like you to seek her out in Sever Castra, then put her down and recover her Heartgem. She was a Greyjack, as true as any. She should be laid to rest, as best we can.


I'm sorry for asking you to do this, but... it isn't easy to bring down a former friend. I know it isn't her anymore, but... that doesn't make it easier.

From the few that were able to escape, we've heard that Archaeologian Sauquillo marked her tent with that fork-and-eye sign of the Corrupted as soon as the rest of the Greyjacks were driven out. If you can find that tent, she should be close by.


It looks like you've been wrestling bear in the snow! I mean, you're walking back from the fight, so I assume you were able to find her and take her down?

That's her Heartgem, all right. It's hard to believe that she's gone... she was brilliant, kind, vibrant... and now, she's some twisted and Corrupted thing. But at least for a while, she won't even be that... Maybe, during these times, if any part of her soul is still left it can find peace in Aeternum.

But thank you... You've dealt with a problem here that I don't think any of us had the heart to handle.