Hazel's Cave

Hazel's Cave is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Investigate Gracewater Village and find Hazel.

Quest Giver:

I have been alive on this island a long time, traveler. So long I have lost count of the days, preferring to spend them hunting wolves and boars rather than marking the passage of time like some prisoner. I can be truly free on Aeternum to hunt the regenerating wildlife and do as I please as a free woman. There was another woman who made this Fen her home, and I have not heard from her in a long time. Her name is Hazel, and it's true what they say, she's a sorceress. If you aren't too lily-livered after hearing that, I would request you inquire after Hazel in the town of Gracewater. She occupies the cave atop the town and uses her arts to heal and bless those who respect the land. She may even bestow a blessing on you, if you're lucky.


Hazel is a wisewoman of some renown here on this island. While I have not made the journey to visit her in some time, everyone in the Fen has a story about Hazel appearing at just the right time to help or heal them.


So Hazel passed on and became a wraith. I cannot say I am surprised, she was older than I could ever know, but still I feel a great loss on this day. It is a loss for myself, for the Fen, and even for you, traveler, to have never been able to know her. She kept a diary that you may find pieces of around the Fen, though, and perhaps through these entries you might know her. Rest in peace, dear Hazel, and know you are missed.