New World Error: No product information found, cannot initialize Game.

by: admin on August 24, 2021 07:40 AM

Hello guys! Today I received a private message on Twitter from a fellow player. He could not run New World because of this error:

No product information found, cannot initialize Game. Please contact Customers Service for this product.

If you also see the same error, try to reboot the PC and run New World right after the reboot. I also get this error sometimes, and the reboot always helps me.

Tip 2

If the reboot didn't help try this:

- Go to ~\steamapps\common\New World Public Test\Bin64
- Rigth click on Javelin_x64.exe > properties > tab Compatibilty > check the box "execute this program as admin" (something like this)
- Press ok
- Open the game from javalin_x64.exe.

Should works. It worked for me, I'm in the build 2004 on windows 10 Pro. If no works, try to reinstall the anticheat that is in the root folder of the game and try again. I realized that anti cheat didnt install when game was downloaded from Steam. I had to install by my self.