Faction Shop in New World: Full Guide

by: admin on September 29, 2021 12:15 PM

Faction Shop is a special store of your faction where you can buy different gear, seals, runes, and so on. Many of these items are unique and can’t be received elsewhere. But you need not only gold for purchasing stuff in this store. You need to have a special currency called Faction Tokens.

These tokens can be earned by completing Faction Missions. Go to the representative of your alliance, talk to him and select “Open Faction Board” in dialogue. You will see the number of Tokens on your balance and your current progress with the faction.

There are 5 levels of progress available right now. Your current level depends on the amount of Reputation you have already earned in your alliance. The higher you climb the more items in Faction Shop you unlock. Here are the tier levels for Syndicate:

  • Adept: default level (Only default items in the store are available)
  • Scrivener: 3 000 reputation (+35 new items)
  • Chronicler: 11 000 reputation (+38 new items)
  • Cabalist: 26 000 reputation (+34 new items)
  • Alchemist: 49 000 reputation (+35 new items)

As you see reaching the highest level will unlock all the available inventory of the Faction Representative.

How to find Faction Shop?

Imagine you have earned some Tokens and now it’s time to spend them. Finding the store isn’t really straightforward. It’s not marked on the screen and some players may have problems because of this.

Go to the representative of your alliance. You can find this NPC in any big city. Just open the map of the city and find the crest of your alliance on the map. This is the location of the NPC.

Talk to the representative and select “Open Faction Board” in dialogue. After this click a large “Buy Rewards” button and you will see all the available items.

Faction Shop in New World

Is there a reason to use the shop?

Well… You can buy many useful and unique items there, so the general answer is: Yes, it’s useful. But some items are much cheaper to get at the Auction. For example, you may buy Musket Ammo at the auction at a cheaper price and without spending your hard-earned Faction Tokens.