How to find a place of your last death in New World MMO?

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This tutorial will help how to find a place of your last death in the New World MMO. Sometimes there may be situations when you meet extremely strong enemies and they defeat you. You can wait for the resurrection but if you are playing alone most likely nobody will help and you will have to resurrect in the nearest village or near your camp.

Will you give up? We don’t think so. You will make another attempt to beat these guys. But there is a problem, sometimes the attack may be unexpected and you may not remember where your last encounter occurred. How to find a place where you were defeated?

There are two ways:

  • Open your global map and find a small red cross on it. This red cross marks the place where you were killed last time.
  • Alternatively, you can use your compass which is located in the top part of the screen. This red cross on a global map is a place of interest and it is also shown in the compasses. Just rotate the character and find a red cross icon in the compass.

Aim in that direction and sooner or later you will find what you need. Unfortunately, you will not see any signs of your body there. This red cross mark will stay on the map until your next death.

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Note: The game is still in Alpha. The information here is subject to change.

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