Trade Skills in New World MMORPG

by: admin on June 28, 2021 10:50 AM

Trade Skills allow your character to harvest and produce resources and materials for crafting in New World MMORPG. There are 7 crafting-related skills associated with professions, 5 different refining skills, and 5 gathering skills. Leveling them up is essential if you want to focus on making different items.

You can see your current progress in each of them at your Character Menu.

Trade Skills in New World MMO


Every trade Skill has a hard cap at 200. This means you can't level them up after you reach the cap. The good thing is that you don't need to focus on one or two of them. You can try to advance in all of them simultaneously if you wish. This will require more time but this is possible.

Crafting Skills

Crafting skills allows you to unlock new blueprints and to become more efficient in producing different stuff. Higher skill allows the player to produce items with higher gear scores more often.

Gathering skills

Gathering skills allow you to harvest different types of nodes. They also allow players to track the nodes on the minimap. For example, you will be able to see the nearest Iron Nodes within a certain distance.

  • Woodcutting / Logging - allows players to harvest and track different types of wood.
  • Mining - allows to gather and track ore nodes. This profession is required not only for Smelting ingots but also for Stonecutting and other professions.
  • Fishing - allows catching different types of fish in different types of water. You can use fish for cooking food.
  • Harvesting - allows gathering different types of plants. Useful for all the alchemists and for making dyes.
  • Tracking and Skinning - allows harvesting resources from animals after you kill them.

Refining Skills

Refining skills allow players to produce different types of material using the resources. The deeper you advance the better materials you can make.

  • Smelting - allows producing different ingots and charcoal. Very important for a blacksmith.
  • Woodworking - allows producing different types of wood planks and sandpaper.
  • Leatherworking - allows making different types of leather. Very useful for crafting medium armor.
  • Weaving - allows making cloth used for crafting light armor.
  • Stonecutting - allows making stone blocks and gems. Gems are used for improving armor and weapons.