Survival is Not Enough

Survival is Not Enough is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Talk to Survivalist Lee.

  • Location: Everfall
  • NPC: Artificer Petrowski
  • XP Reward: 1600
  • Gold Reward: 2169
  • Item Reward:
  • Standing Reward: 175
  • Azoth Reward:

Quest Giver:

You'll need more than strong gear from the Trading Post to survive here. You'll need wits, and a knowledge of how to fend for yourself by setting a proper camp. Survivalist Lee can show you a thing or two about that. He's just down the hill from here. You can't miss him, dressed in head-to-toe furs and his signature fancy pants. Go speak with him.


Run along now, I've got plenty of work orders to complete and you've plenty of beasts to slay. But, if you want to craft something for old time's sake, I'm always here.

You still haven't spoken with Survivalist Lee? I would recommend seeing him as soon as possible to absorb much-needed information from him about the basics of camping and skinning. Maybe if you're lucky he'll even let you know how he made that glorious coat of his.

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