Where The Boars Roam

Where The Boars Roam is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Kill Boars and Tuskgore at Boarsholm for Survivalist Wilson.

Quest Giver:

There is one more mystery of the Restless Shore I would ask that you investigate. I know of a group of adventurers hunting boar around Boarsholm but have not heard a peep from them in months. Boars aren't typically aggressive but I worry about what could have happened to them. There are all kinds of threats that come with living outside of the settlement. If you could check out their camp there and see what became of them I would be eternally grateful.


Boarsholm is named thusly for its population of, you guessed it, boars. The area is great for trapping but is ultimately a bit far from the settlement so I rarely make my way out there. It's a great place to set up camp if you like roughing it like this crowd of adventurers did. I wonder what happened with them.


The boars had completely taken over the camp? No wonder the adventurers fled the area, it sounds swarmed. I've never known boars to group up like this, let alone follow an alpha like the big one you described. This is most strange behavior indeed... I will have to make a study of the campsite myself. Thank you for scouting ahead for me and clearing the way. If nothing else this campsite can be used as a rich trapping ground in the future.