Favors for Friends

Favors for Friends is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Collect Jerked Fish from Forellac, and take care of the wolves around Greymane Burrow.

Quest Giver:

By now, you're probably getting sick of looking at the same hills and grasses every day. I think it's time to send you a bit farther afield.

I'm betting you've done your share of fishing in the past, ja? But have you ever had jerked fish? I don't know the exact process, but there's a fishing village that makes it to the southwest of here, called Forellac. Best fish I've ever tasted.

While you're there, maybe you can take care of a little problem they were having. Heard word of a wolf pack that was making travel between Forellac and the Cutlass Keys settlement a bit difficult. Clear it out for them, earn some good will with the locals, and see if you can bring back any of that jerked fish. Trust me, it's worth it.


Fine, I'm asking you to do this mostly for the fish. But you've no idea how good this fish is! Besides, you've done good work around Windsward, you might consider stretching your legs a bit more and seeing what else is out there... and you have proven you know how to take care of wolves!


Hail the conquering wolf killer!

Now... how about that fish? Once you took care of the wolf problem for the village, they gave you plenty, right?

Damn. I was afraid of this... Not because that means this is the last of the jerked fish I'll get, but because that's another village wiped from the map. I did warn you that this island isn't the friendliest place... now you see how unfriendly it can be.