Stories Among Ships

Stories Among Ships is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Defeat the Drowned and search crates in shipwrecks near the beach for any interesting items and return them to the Watcher.

Quest Giver:

The basic necessities are important, but what really enriches life is the eternal mystery of this island. I consider myself quite the antiquary and historian here. The stories of Aeternum are rich with hope, strife, courage, pain… and are just waiting to be discovered. And what joy such discovery can bring!

Take these shipwrecks that surround us. Each reveals a story, both grand and tragic, of some wondrous voyage, now concealed amongst the wreckage and the shambling Drowned.

Go! Explore the ships! Make sure to keep your wits, these Drowned wretches are still a threat best met with blade or boot. Bring back anything you find that may weave a good tale.


Have you found anything? Sometimes a good eye on this island is the biggest boon to have. You may find something others miss, and the spoils of your finds maybe give you an edge among your peers.