Guardians of Weaver's Future

Guardians of Weaver's Future is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Kill Ancient Guardians in Canopus for Overseer Kemal.

Quest Giver:

While I am pretty sure skeletons cannot get sick I would feel a great deal better if the Starbound Ancient Guardians of Canopus had their population thinned. These Guardians were unaffected by the blight that swept over the Fen and as a result their numbers have surged while the living wane in strength. We lose numbers to the Lost every day in witherings and cannot ignore the threat to our east so long as we are vulnerable.


Have you gone to thin the Starbound Ancient Guardian numbers yet? This task is less dangerous than the others in that you have no chance of catching a disease from them, but that doesn't mean you should let your guard down in any respects. Constant vigilance around such enemies is more than required, it is necessary to survive.


Oh, phew, I cannot thank you enough. With all of these threats to the settlement being managed by an adventurer like you I feel a great deal safer here. You've done an immeasurable amount of good here, and put my weak heart to rest for now. You are welcome in Weaver's Fen always in my book.