Facets of Light and Darkness

Facets of Light and Darkness is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Recover the Greyjack Heartgems from the Valleyrend Corrupted in Sunderfort, and find clues about Corrupted activity in the area

Quest Giver:

Ranger Knatchbull, pleased to meet you. If you're willing to help us a bit more, you may be just what we need to turn the tide against the Corrupted.

Sunderfort was an important location to us, but it also seems to be important to the Corrupted, for some unknown reason. I've scouted nearby, and recognized far too many faces... it seems a lot of former Greyjacks are bolstering their ranks there.

I'd like you to cut down as many of those Valleyrend Corrupted as you can, and bring back any Heartgems you come across. While you're there, search for anything that might give us an idea of what the Corrupted need with Sunderfort.


You retrieved Patricia's Heartgem earlier. You know what those mean to us. Please bring back as many as you can find... Those that have fallen deserve to be remembered.

And we still need to find out what the Corrupted need with Sunderfort. We've tried to push them out in the past, but they just dig in even more. There has to be something keeping them there.


You've the stink of that Corrupted muck on you... and you've also brought what I asked for. Thank you, I will pass these Heartgems to the Warden for remembrance.

This page you've found... this is written in whatever tongue the Corrupted share. I've yet to learn to read it myself, but some Greyjacks have been attempting to decipher it. I shall send this on to them.

Thank you again for recovering the Heartgems. As for this page, I'm sure it will be useful in the future, once we understand what it means.