Diseased Migration

Diseased Migration is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Go to the Blightcrown to investigate the movement of the blight beyond Edengrove.

Quest Giver:

The blight does seem to originate here in Edengrove, but there is risk of it bleeding out into other areas of the island. If the blight is spreading beyond our borders, we must track it and inform the other territories. I need you to investigate its spread while I draft letters to the other Survivalists of the risk.

I've seen it as far as the Blightcrown, but I haven't ventured beyond. Assess the blight in the Blightcrown, and venture to Preservation Pass to survey the area.


Beyond the Pass is the area known as the Shattered Mountain, an area held by the Corrupted and a brutal area of the island. If you go beyond the pass, go prepared.


Ah, I see... The blight is present in Shattered Mountain as well? Hopefully this blight can be contained, its spread could make it harder to deal with the threat of the Corrupted.

Or, on the other hand, maybe the threat of the blight is just as bad for the Corrupted. If the blight is leeching azoth from its hosts, maybe it will leech off the Corrupted as well. I'll task the Greyjacks with monitoring the Corrupted and their blight areas. Your work here has made the difference here.