Chasing Waterfalls

Chasing Waterfalls is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Clear Weeper enemies from Porridgepot.

  • Location: Mourningdale
  • NPC:
  • XP Reward: 9000
  • Gold Reward: 13637
  • Item Reward: Armor Case (T4)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 20

Quest Giver:

Hi there, I'm Oversee Bayles. Part of my duties is the upkeep of our housing accommodations here in the settlement. Have you visited the abandoned cottage to the southeast? It is quite picturesque, I can see it in my mind! A small cottage with a warm fire, a babbling brook to lull me to sleep, and a beautiful waterfall to perfect the scene...

I wish for a home to retire to at the end of a long day, and that cottage seems perfect. Well, if it wasn't for the Weepers that infest the area.

This is a more personal favor, will you let me know if the cottage is habitable? Assess the safety of the area and clear out the Weepers there.


Some may find the homes in the settlement to be adequate, but I wish for a sweeter seclusion. No neighbors and the sounds of nature. If that cottage proves safe, there's no harm in claiming it for my own, no? Though, the screams of the Weepers may dash my hopes of quiet nights in.


Oh my, the Weepers down there must be a bigger problem than I imagined. It must be too far away from the settlement... The land settlements are built on seem to give us enough protection to fight off the dangers of the island, but Porridgepot must be too far to receive this boon.

Well, I suppose chasing my dream of a secluded home maybe be unrealistic on this island. Very few areas here are actually safe. However, perhaps there are some beautiful rivers or lakes that would be just as picturesque...

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