Watcher's Creed

Watcher's Creed is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Slay Benjamin the Unbound for Watcher Trost

Quest Giver:

Thank you for bringing back my lucky coin! Now that you are here I have a favor to ask you, In the past I used to travel Aeternum and slay monsters that were bothering folks. Survivalist Bryce has asked me to take up my old creed and defeat some brute that has been roaming one of the islands in Cutlass Keys. Due to my current bonds, I cannot leave my post. If you are up to the task, Survivalist Bryce will pay you handsomely for slaying the monster. Word of advice, you might want to bring a few friends along to distract the monster.


Not up to the task? No one will know your name and sing your tales if you don't.