Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Gather Peppered Lynx and Brown Rabbit Pelts from the Elder's Bluff area for Survivalist Riches

  • Location: First Light
  • NPC: Survivalist Riches
  • XP Reward: 4750
  • Gold Reward: 5712
  • Item Reward: First Light Beacon (T3)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 20

Quest Giver:

Hello again. You've arrived at a perfect time. I've been working on a project that I need a bit of assistance with.

Many people around town continue to wear clothing that is shabby and falling apart, and with trying to bring in resources and keep this place up and running, there's little time for repair or replacement. Now that I'm working out of the settlement, I have more time than I'm used to, so I'd like to do something about that. Sure, it isn't my usual job, but I'm handy with an awl and thread. Unfortunately... I'm lacking supplies.

To the east is an area known as Elder's Bluff, with a healthy population of Peppered Lynx and Brown Rabbits. On this part of the island, they have some of the best pelts you can find. Would you gather a few pelts of each for me?


The Peppered Lynx in Elder's Bluff have some of the sturdiest hides that you can find, which makes them great for boots and jackets. Brown Rabbit pelts, those are soft and pliable, and with some work can be turned into quality gloves.

It is a shame that they must die to gather them... They are wonderful animals to watch. Though, that is an upside to this island. Almost everything comes back, sooner or later.


You've returned! Yes, these will do quite nicely, my thanks. It will take some time to cure the leather and prepare everything, but I hope to start making new clothes for the population soon.

Maybe I'll even talk with Artificer Kim about getting some new buttons made, or ask Trader Vijayan if she has extras in stock. If these turn out well, maybe I'll keep it up... there are always people who need fresh clothing, and if I have the time, why not help, right? If we're going to be in the settlement for the time being, I might as well do my best to make everyone comfortable.

My thanks again, and safe travels, friend.

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