Luck Only Lends

Luck Only Lends is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Eliminate Nguyen the Taker, recover Luckstones from containers, and cull the Rockruins Guardian population in Spilaio Cavern

Quest Giver:

Welcome, stranger. Warden Yseult passed the word around that you were here to help. If you don't mind, I've something that you could be of assistance with.

Past the Iratus fort to the southeast is a place called Spilaio Cavern, filled with Ancient Guardians. You've traveled all across this island, I'm sure you're familiar with them by now. Well, these we call the Rockruins because, well... they live in ruins, under the rocks.

Anyway, we've noticed that the Corruption doesn't go there, almost like something is pushing it back. We've tried to get Rangers in to investigate, but they get driven out by this big and imposing fellow, not to mention all of his crawling and stabbing friends.

I was wondering if you'd be able to maybe go in there, take care of this fellow and his friends, and see if you can find whatever is keeping the Corruption away from those caverns? If you can figure out what it is that's keeping the Corrupted back, maybe we can use it.


Spilaio Cavern is certainly a hike, I know... but who knows what you'll find in there? Maybe that was the place where the Ancients had their last stand, with only the Rockruins Guardians to support them? Or maybe there is some force keeping the Corruption away?

But you'll definitely have an easier time if you take out that big bony fellow and his friends.


Hey, you made it back! That bony wretch and his friends didn't give you too much trouble, I hope? So what did you find in the cave?

These are baetylus! And these were just being stored in the cave, hm? Interesting... I've experimented with mixing small amounts of it in while forging armor, and this baetylus seems to be naturally resistant to Corruption. It seems that the Ancients and their Guardians found this property as well.

Perhaps, having enough of this around prevents the Corruption from spreading... too bad it's so rare. Thanks for this. Gives me something to think about.