Divination Excavation

Divination Excavation is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Explore Kannan Tomb and prove yourself to the Syndicate by retrieving the Ancient artifacts for Alchemist Jansz.

Quest Giver:

We of the Syndicate deal in mysteries and knowledge that the other Factions can only imagine, and this knowledge you seek is not freely given. If you prove yourself an ally and show that your interest is genuine, perhaps you will be invited to join us and further explore more complex mysteries. To do that... hm.

You have seen, I'm sure, the hordes of Withered who have overrun the civilized places of this island? We are unsure why, but the Dirtclaw Withered have been digging up artifacts from Kannan Tomb, an Ancient burial site to the north, and hoarding them for some unknowable reason. I would ask you to retrieve as many of these artifacts as possible, and return them to me.


The Ancient artifacts stolen by the Dirtclaws may hold untold power, and must not remain in their tainted hands. But the question still remains... Why take them in the first place? What compels them? Some primal urge? Or are they being commanded by someone... or some... thing!? Who, or... what!? There are so many questions to be answered!

In any case, we had an agreement, you and I... and I expect you to honor it.