Over Troubled Water

Over Troubled Water is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Kill Ancient Guardians in Vega Bridge South and gather Ancient Herbs for Magistrate Allen.

  • Location: Weaver's Fen
  • NPC: Magistrate Allen
  • XP Reward: 6250
  • Gold Reward: 7764
  • Item Reward: Weapon Case (T3)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 20

Quest Giver:

Welcome to Weaver's Fen. We are a proud community of people who work hard to make life work in such an unforgiving swamp. You may have heard we've had troubles with illnesses and diseases across the territory and I cannot stand to see my people suffer so. Did the Ancients and their Guardians know a better way? I believe their structures and caches may hold clues to how they avoided ailments. Go to the southern ramparts of the Vega Bridge and gather what you can of their lost civilization's medicinal herbs.


I have been the Magistrate of this settlement ever since its founding. On the way here the Captain of my vessel perished at sea and I took over as his second-in-command. When we crash-landed here it was me who built the first walls of this settlement in an attempt to hold back the tide of the Ancient Guardians and Undead alike. It should be me out there risking my life for the settlement but I am alas tied up with duties here. I thank you for taking my place out there in the South Vega Bridge.


The herbs you've gathered will serve us well in trying to research how the Ancients avoided plagues in their time. Your culling of the Ancient Guardians also benefits the settlement greatly for all those trying to traverse the Vega Bridge. All in all you've done myself and the settlement a great favor. For this you have my eternal gratitude.

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