Isle Of Madness

Isle Of Madness is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Kill the Mad Alchemist on Brightwood Isle and collect his writings.

Quest Giver:

I've searched through books detailing the history of Brightwood, and I've found lines that reference an alchemist who studied the undead in the territory. He stayed on Brightwood Isle and conducted many experiments on the Withered and Undead.

The knowledge he found would help explain why the previous inhabitants of Brightwood turned so quickly to sacrificing their own and returning them to the earth. Though, retrieving his work won't be an easy task: he haunts the isle and the Alchemical monsters punish those who trespass his home.

Defeat The Alchemist deep in Brightwood Isle, collect his scattered writings, and bring them here so that I may decipher them.


Brightwood Isle is an island of madness and great misfortune. It's squarely in the center of Lake Genevieve.


Oh no, the maddened Alchemist was Havelock... What have you done? Blinded by your work, forgoing any help, sacrificing those you loved... Havelock, why? Was it a lust for fame? Notoriety?

Yes, in death you may exist as the most notorious Mad Alchemist, but was it worth the cost to those who cared about you?

...Oh, I ramble. These scraps, they are nothing but the chicken scratch of a mad man. Yes, he was a mad man. Nothing more.