Hearth and Home

Hearth and Home is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Speak with Innkeep Fairfax and bind yourself to the Settlement, then view your available storage space at one of the Storage Sheds

  • Location: First Light
  • NPC: Trader Vijayan
  • XP Reward: 1200
  • Gold Reward: 1958
  • Item Reward:
  • Standing Reward: 175
  • Azoth Reward:

Quest Giver:

After spending a long while out in the hinterlands of Aeternum, you'll discover an array of valuable items, many of which you'll wish to keep or trade with others. Your first thought might be to start the slow hike back to a settlement... and while you can do that, I want to show you a way to take care of both of these problems.

I'd like you to go to the Inn nearby and request a room from Inkeep Fairfax. Once you have a room, you'll have the ability to return to this settlement at will from anywhere on the island. Your second stop should be at one of the Storage Sheds in the settlement. With the influx of new arrivals, we decided to make a space for travelers to store what they may not wish to carry.


It really is quite simple. Speak with Innkeep Fairfax to acquire your room at the Inn, then find one of the Storage Sheds in the settlement. Perhaps, while you are there, you can offload some of what you already carry, if you find your pack too burdensome already.


Having that room at the Inn will serve you well in the future, particularly if you find yourself a great distance from here. Keep in mind that you may only have a room registered to you in one settlement at a time, to make sure there is enough space for others.

As far as your items in the Storage Shed, keep a close eye on them. While everything you place inside is safe and secure, there is a limit to how much you can store. More importantly, what you leave here can, obviously, only be retrieved from here, so keep track of what you leave in storage. It may be worthwhile, in your travels, to keep an array of supplies stored in each settlement you reach, to ensure you'll always have the basics available if you encounter any problems.

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