Glimmering Mercy

Glimmering Mercy is a Quest in New World MMO. Objective: Gather parts, merciful and true, for a life-giving staff made whole. Glittering, shimmering, restore and renew, the Glimmering Mercy's soul.

  • Location: Great Cleave
  • NPC: Ranger Balogun
  • XP Reward: 16250
  • Gold Reward: 52500
  • Item Reward: Glimmering Mercy (T5)
  • Standing Reward: 250
  • Azoth Reward: 30

Quest Giver:

You must be the adventurer who braved Caminus. That place has eaten many careless Greyjacks, your strength and resolve must be tremendous to have survived that ordeal. Though no one survives alone, do they? Madaki gave word that you've made a discovery on the Corrupted's weaponry there. Let me see the pages you've discovered there.

How novel... The plans for this staff, the Glimmering Mercy, are actually a song. Hide them from Rochford, we just finished getting him quiet. Hah!

It's a collection of short bits compiled into a poem called the "Symphony of Mercy." It's apt they would result in such a strong healing staff. If you're serious about practicing Life Magic, follow this symphony with a few tweaks and get your hands on the Glimmering Mercy. I will be your maestro, so to speak.


Getting lost in song is quite easy. I can see why Rochford is so aloof. I can also see why he doesn't care how irritated he can make us. Maybe I myself should follow his tune a little more! If you're confused on your path, check the scribbled notes in your Journal and follow the symphony.


So, you've learned the Symphony of Mercy? I won't pretend to know the work of musicians and composers, but I can at least whistle a tune as I work. Give me a moment to extract the essences I need, and I'll craft the Mercy.

Yes, this is a fine Life Staff. Just seeing it glimmer puts my heart at ease. Seeing someone with this in battle would inspire awe in your allies and shock in your enemies.

Take it, who knows what nefarious plans the Corrupted would have used these plans for. In your hands, I know this staff will do some good.

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