Southward March

Southward March is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Investigate key locations to the north that have been taken by the Wardogs.

Quest Giver:

The struggles on the beach and the Red Eye Bay are symptoms of a greater problem I am now beginning to understand. It seems the Corrupted are pushing further south, causing chaos on the outskirts of Mourningdale.

At first I was hesitant to hear the Gildon's ramblings, but all of these events are connected. I realize now that in order to maintain a defense against the corrupted, we need every resource we can get. Antonio's loss has taught me that. To help secure the territory, I need more information. I need your help.

Investigate the Wardog strongholds to the north and report your findings to me. Understanding their movements is key to our defense.


The areas to the north have been control by the Wardogs for a long time, however their movements are a mystery. Maybe Antonio saw these movements as well...


My suspicions have proven correct, the Wardogs must be pushing to continue south. These pieces ore means they are amassing resources for weaponry, and these compasses must guide them to their next conquest. They won't spare anything in their path, including Mourningdale...

I must inform the other Magistrates immediately, this Corrupted activity concerns the entire island. Thank you, these pieces of information are invaluable. Maybe the loss of Antonio inadvertently brought your here, or may it was just coincidence. Either way, I'm certain Antonio would have been just as proud of your work as I am.