The Impervious Guardian

The Impervious Guardian is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Collect a Blight Sample from the Hidden Strain, defeat Fay, the Last Protector, and bring a piece of his remains to Ranger Herath.

Quest Giver:

The Blight has made substantial inroads into Shattered Mountain, as you've seen. Imagine our luck here: a haven for the Corrupted, and now a den for a new fungus. One threat that grows as our numbers dwindle, and another that grows with light and water. No one in the Old World would ever believe this...

Now, I've been going over Ellwood's notes, and with them, we're taking steps to defend against the Blight as best we can. Reports from our scouts, however, have indicated something strange. Near Spryla Tower to the northeast, a group of Dryad soldiers led by a Dryad named Fay seem to somehow be resistant to the Blight. I need a sample to be certain, though.

Bring me a sample of Blight from the area, then defeat Fay and recover a piece of his body for me. I have a hunch.


Fay and his band of Dryads seem to be the last thing getting between the Blight and its domination of the Wilds.

You may defeat him now, but he'll return from the earth and be back in fighting form without delay.


I see you've brought the materials I need, good. Now comes the interesting part, it's time to experiment. Ellwood theorized that the amount of azoth in the Dryads' bodies may protect them from the Blight. If Fay is the strongest guardian of the Dryads, perhaps he would be the most resistant...

As I place the Blight sample near Fay's briars... the Blight doesn't take hold! Normally the Blight would latch on, sapping whatever life is left in its host. See what happens when I place a normal tree's leaf near the sample? An almost immediate reaction.

If Fay and his company are resistant, they may contain the spread yet. Even with this discovery, we're not yet in the clear. We are still on the border between two enemies that seek our destruction. Still, all we learn can be put to use. My thanks for your aid in this.