The Evolution of Corruption (Part 1)

The Evolution of Corruption (Part 1) is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Obtain blood samples from the Gristlerot Corrupted at the Hilltop Encampment

Quest Giver:

Oh, hello. Good day to you, and all that. Happy to see you're still around, many head out as soon as they've been snatched up by one of the Faction leaders. I'm happy that at least one new arrival has an interest in things beyond constant fighting.

Have you ever wondered about the differences between the... things... out there? The Corrupted, the Withered? Probably not the best terms for them, but that's how everyone seems to be referring to these things. Anyway, there are marked differences, and that's where you come in, friend.

I'd like to eventually study samples from all of these different groups. Would you collect some blood samples from the Gristlerot Corrupted near the Hilltop Encampment, to start?


Hm... must test for both heat and cold exposure. Maybe boiling, or dissolving in acid? So many tests to run! Though, perhaps we skip the taste test. Not a good idea.

What else, what else... Ah, you're still here? Do hurry back with those samples. This may turn out to be my life's work, and critical to the survival of everyone on Aeternum!


Splendid! Those vials should be perfect, plenty to begin cataloging and experimentation. I shall be meticulous in my methods, and document everything for posterity!

Now, we must divide these into smaller vessels, yes... and label each to prevent confusion. Don't want to accidentally experiment with the wrong thing, do we?

Oh! Yes, here, take this. I shall require your assistance again soon, so return when you can.