Opening Supply Lines

Opening Supply Lines is a Quest in New World MMORPG. Objective: Kill Stonetooth Pirates in Stonetooth Terrace and their leader Master Henry for Barkeep Polly.

Quest Giver:

Say, have you ever been to Weaver's Fen? It is a swampy land to the east of here, and where I get most of my tankards from. The porter who usually brings the supplies from the Fen's tavern to mine keeps complaining of dying on the way here, and worse yet, he loses my supplies to the Stonetooth Pirates! Even after their bodies have rotted away these undead menaces led by scurrilous Master Henry crave grog. You proved your worth in Arcturus getting loot for your sake, now do me a favor and thin undead numbers for me in their Stonetooth Terrace to the east for my sake and I'll make it worth your while.


Those sea brigands and thieves continue to harass innocents even in their undeath. Their strongholds to the east should be easy to find––just follow the smell of fetid planks and flesh. Master Henry can be found on the docks leading to the river, likely guzzling one of my artisan tankards...


So you successfully thinned their numbers down? And eliminated Master Henry? This is good, very good. Now we might be able to get back my supplies, my livelihood! And not even a complaint about dying. I think I am beginning to like you and this business arrangement.