Titanic Intent

Titanic Intent is a Tier 5 Epic rarity bow in New World MMORPG. It has 500 - 600 Gear Score. Deals 64 damage. Gives bonus attributes on equip: 30 Dexterity. It will occupy 21.8 kg of capacity in your inventory.

The item has 3 useful perks: Arboreal IV, Ancient Bane, Refreshing Ward.

The characteristics of this bow are scaling of 1 attribute: Dexterity (DEX).

Titanic Intent
Gear Score
64 Base Damage
5% Critical Hit Chance
1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
42 Block Stamina Damage
42 Stagger Damage
Arboreal IV: 50% of damage is converted to Nature. Damage scales off base weapon stat or FOC, whichever is higher.
Ancient Bane: +NaN% Damage to Ancients.
Refreshing Ward: Reduces active cooldowns by NaN% after being hit 5 times. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.
"The Ancients seem to have been fixated on one goal, and nothing was going to interrupt their mission... until corruption happened."
Named Item
Tier: 5
Scales with: Dexterity 100%
21.8 Weight