Primordial Fire Staff

Primordial Fire Staff is a Tier 5 Uncommon rarity fire staff in New World MMORPG. It has 500 - 600 Gear Score. Deals 57 damage. It will occupy 12.6 kg of capacity in your inventory.

The item has 1 useful perk: Vicious.

The characteristics of this fire staff are scaling of 1 attribute: Intelligence (INT).

Pay attention: the item becomes personal when you receive it. So you can't sell it or give it to another player.

Primordial Fire Staff
Fire Staff
Gear Score
57 Base Damage
4% Critical Hit Chance
1.25 Critical Damage Multiplier
34 Block Stamina Damage
34 Stagger Damage
15% Block Stability
Vicious: +NaN% critical damage.
"While clearly made by hand, it doesn't seem to be that old. Do the undead here still make weapons? Or does something prevent their aging?"
Binds On Pickup
Tier: 5
Scales with: Intelligence 100%
12.6 Weight