Vicious is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: +11.2% critical damage. We have found 88 items with this perk in our database.

+11.2% critical damage.

Items with this perk

Total: 88
Title Description Tier
Pristine Whetstone Crafting item with an attunement to the Vicious perk.
Tender Cruelty "A soldier knows all to well how comforting the scars of battle can be." 3
Immortal Flame "It is said this sword cuts through flesh as if it were a hot knife slicing through butter." 3
Bloodshot Reaver "The town bells rang as the barbarians descended upon the village, ready to plunder and pillage." 2
Shizaru's Sorrow "As a pirate I visited a thousand evils on my prey. On this forsaken island a thousand deaths I suffered in pennance." 3
Soul of the Storm "Though a thousand deaths will take my mind, I leave this bow to reap my vengeance a thousand fold." 3
Misher's Last Word "Unable to get the last words by talking, Misher resorted to other means." 3
Tidal Reaver "Be mindful of your will. If left unchecked, you'll find yourself cutting through your foes as a galleon through a wave." 3
Thundersnow "It's rare, but when it happens…it's breathtaking." 4
Holt's Fillet Knife "Sharp enough that even a clumsy brute wields it effectively." 3
Weaver's Needle "Fast as a weaver's shuttle, it flicks back and forth at its foes." 3
Force of Nature "Just like Fungalstep, this war hammer is a force unto itself." 3
Breath of Sekhmet "Like an inferno, when she opened her mouth to speak, the world burned with each word." 3
Frozen Spate "The icy water stretched out endlessly in front of us, but we continued nonetheless." 4
Breach Battered Life Staff "Bruised and broken from several trips through the breaches, this staff has saved more lives than you can count." 4
Immolation “Set your enemies on fire. Watch them burn.” 4
Jotunbane "People say that giants are lost to time. I say they live on through the stories we tell." 4
Fearful Breath "It will be sharp and cold when you inhale. That is the taste of fear." 4
Skullworm Foreclosure "Sometimes you just want to fill something withs. many holes no one can figure out what it used to be." 4
Robertson's Rifle "It is said Robertson never missed a shot, as long as he had his trusty rifle in his hands." 4
Tuskgorer "Like the tusks of a boar, this rapier is known for drawing first blood when cornered." 4
Ironjaw's Bite "As sharp as Ironjaw's teeth, it strikes as fast as Ironjaw's bite." 4
Ceremonial Ranseur of Sacrifice "Far more than a ceremonial weapon, this ranseur was honed sharp and used often." 4
Lobstercatcher "It is said lobsters move slower in cold water, which makes it easier to catch them." 4
Frostwall "A winter storm ebbs and flows within you. Attune yourself to it, and you will find a font of power." 4