Vorpal is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: Increase +14.1% headshot damage. We have found 28 items with this perk in our database.

Increase +14.1% headshot damage.

Items with this perk

Total: 28
Title Description Tier
Chilled Fang Crafting item with an attunement to the Vorpal perk.
Vineweaver "Vines seem to grow wherever this staff moves." 3
Crow's Nest "The lookout was the first to set her eyes on the mythical island. After months battling the waves at sea, the crew would now turn their eyes towards a new foe." 3
Pastor's Boomstick "If the sound doesn't scare you, the damage it packs will." 3
Tomb Raider's Rifle "Settle in, we're going raiding!" 3
Cavern Lurker's Defense "Light is a rare commodity deep in the caves. One must be ready to defend themselves." 3
Bow of the Shadows "Do not let the light see what you do in the dark." 3
Adjorjan's Ancestral Life Staff "This staff was with Adjorjan for millenia. The wonders and horrors it has seen seem unimaginable." 4
Secret Atrocity "What new terrible knowledge will we uncover with these new insights?" 4
Baroness "As his troops were routed, he told me my place was at Court. I put an arrow through his eye." 4
Faith Finder "It is said being wounded from this is crossbow is a sure way to discover your faith." 4
Admiral's Musket "A true weapon for an admiral, this musket was the envy of the fleet." 4
Deal with the Devil "Forged in Hell itself, this axe promises immense power at the price of one's soul." 4
Ancient Intentions "They sought to create and learn, but they found themselves rife with conflict." 5
Greatstaff of the Light's Judgement "Step into the light and be judged." 5
Hatchet of the Corrupted Frontier "The Corrupted continously push south, seeking to corrupt all in their path and expand their reach." 5
Buccaneer's Bounty "When the pirates sacked the great coastal cities, a buccaneer was particularly enticed by this axe. They brought it with them, and in their misfortune it washed ashore in Aeternum." 5
Alakazham's Incantation "The mythical wizard was said to have blessed this hatchet with his power before bestowing it on a brave Ranger." 5
Truestrike "May my aim be true, even in the face of eternity." 5
Swift Approach "Swift action can often turn the tide in battle. And a fast approach can catch your foes off guard." 5
Slayer's Crossbow "Every shot is an exercise of economy. No movement is wasted in pursuit of its prey." 5
Patience "Deep breaths. In…out. In…out. In…draw. Out…loose." 5
Ferocity of the Impaler "A bow formed from corrupted matter. Its arrows impale pure corrupted essence into the wielder's enemies." 5
Warlord's Rifle "Join me brethren as we conquer this keep!" 5
Overseer's Regret "The Overseer's one regret was that the musket could only kills. many with a single shot." 5