Thrust Damage

Thrust Damage is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: You deal 4.8% more Thrust damage. We have found 7 items with this perk in our database.

Thrust Damage
You deal 4.8% more Thrust damage.

Items with this perk

Total: 7
Title Description Tier
Draught Of Corrupted Essence Crafting item with an attunement to the Thrust Damage perk.
Epsilon Hoop 3
Fanged Ring A ring featuring fang-like protrusions. 3
Featherweight Ring This ring is almost weightless. 5
Hoop Of Navarone 5
Signet Of The Swamp "The symbol upon this signet is a sign of three reeds, heads bowed as if by some unfelt breeze." 5
The Dragonfly "Uncatchable." 5