Mortal Fortification

Mortal Fortification is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: When you kill something gain 30% Fortify for 3s. ( 5s cooldown.) We have found 34 items with this perk in our database.

Mortal Fortification
When you kill something gain 30% Fortify for 3s. ( 5s cooldown.)

Items with this perk

Total: 34
Title Description Tier
Worn Mangy Hide Crafting item with an attunement to the Mortal Fortification perk.
Faefolk's Spear "Beautiful flowers and vines adorn every corner of this weapon. It is as enchanting as it is deadly." 2
Starlight "The stars shine brightest when there is good being done." 3
Fiery Beauty "This staff is pretty, but nothing compares to the elegance of a dancing flame." 3
Ancient Tactics "Slashing at a hamstring is far more effective than slashing at an arm. If your enemy cannot move, they cannot fight." 3
Forgotten Song "The ghouls and gheists may have sang in life, but the only song they know now is their groans of agony." 3
Brightclaw "The tip glistens beautifully when it catches the light." 3
Dominant Discourse "When this shield is in use, it is hard to get a cutting word in edgewise." 3
Presumptive Action "It is better to be prepared for attack, then to stand back and assume you will never come to harm." 3
Breach Hunter's Fire Staff "Find the breaches into this world and close them." 3
Broken Mast "The ship crashed into the rocky shore of Aeternum shattering the hull and the mast. Survivors quickly scrambled to gather whatever weapon they could as they faced the Drowned on the shores." 4
Grim Tidings "I come bearing bad news." 4
Adjucator of Pain "Who shall my axe strike? Why must I choose but one of you." 4
Hastate "The Razor Tree springs to life once a millennium, awakened by the natural Azoth cycle. As it re-enters slumber, it sheds leaves sharper than a smith's blade." 4
Dowsing Blade "It guides its wielder to their truest desire." 4
Legatus General's Buckler "This buckler has been through hell and back, surviving the worst of what was up against thrown at the Legatus General." 4
Eden's Kiss "A gift of the garden to protect against those who would slip past your guard." 4
Brine of the Frosty Shore "A pleasant beach can turn into a rimey waste if the season turns too quickly." 4
Chaos Spear "Every strike causes confusion. Every use leads to upheaval." 5
Gracious Host "I alone will show them how unexpected guests should be treated." 4
End of Days "Don't celebrate yet. This is only the beginning." 5
Unspoken Desire "Even when speaking in hushed tones, we do not speak of this." 5
Song of Sorrow "What joy is there in this world?" 5
Staff of Fiery Torment "The fires of hell burn hot and long." 5
Meteoric Decimation "When you see meteors headed your way... run." 5