Keen is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: +11.2% critical chance. We have found 176 items with this perk in our database.

+11.2% critical chance.

Items with this perk

Total: 176
Title Description Tier
Jagged Animal Claw Crafting item with an attunement to the Keen perk.
Axe of the First Culling "The first time they came to my village, they took ten of us. They promised the next time would be far worse." 3
Bloodforged Longsword "This blade passes from battlefield to battlefield, finding a new wielder each time." 3
Growing Season "There is a season for everything. A seasons for growing crops. And one for growing vendettas." 3
Master Cannoneer's Musket With each shot the burning itch in your trigger finger grows more demanding, and also more intoxicating." 3
Tomb Raider's Rifle "Settle in, we're going raiding!" 3
Simon Grey's Toothpick "Clearly Simon Grey did not brush his teeth." 3
Sinewslicer "Tearing limb from limb is not an easy task without this axe." 3
Frozen Embrace "Some people tell tales of a woman in the snow, a Yuki-onna. If you see her, stay away." 4
Spear of the Elder Shaman "Magic is not limited to the arcane. What strange magics the Dryads of Reekwater wield is just as potent as that of the Ancients." 4
Forsworn Rapier “I need nothing in life but you.” 4
Breachcrusher "Why carry an Azoth Staff when a hammer is just as effective?" 4
Breach Battered Life Staff "Bruised and broken from several trips through the breaches, this staff has saved more lives than you can count." 4
Breachfire Greatstaff "Control the flames of the breachs. that your allies do not get burned." 4
Breaching Hatchet "Into the breach I shall go. Waht awaits me on the other side, I do not know." 4
Sundershot "Tear open the seams of reality." 4
Miserable Guard's Bow "He sought to be an adventurer, but an arrow to the knee forced him into mere guard duty." 4
Booming Rifle "The sound of your shot echoes throughout the land, stirring dormant creatures miles away." 4
Breachshutter "Defend our settlement, close that breach!" 4
True Path "Give no regard to those who wander; they are already lost." 4
Tip of the Morning Star "The fine point shines in the light of the stars." 3
The Obelisk "Let this hammer be a pillar of destruction. Sow fear and despair everywhere you go." 3
Obsidian Rapier "The obsidian is sharpened and tempered, a fine blade." 3
Staff of the Immolated Veil "Ever burning fire guides the way." 3
Creeping Cold "It sneaks up on you. Before you know it, you're shivering. Then you're dead." 3