Frozen IV

Frozen IV is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: 50% of damage is converted to Ice. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher. We have found 25 items with this perk in our database.

Frozen IV
50% of damage is converted to Ice. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher.

Items with this perk

Total: 25
Title Description Tier
Cut Pristine Aquamarine A gem with an attunement to the Frozen IV weapon trait and Ice Ward IV armor trait. Can also be used in Jewelcrafting. 5
Subzero Spear "Even in the heat of the sun this spear remains frozen solid." 5
Frostforged Warhammer "The entire weight of the tundra lingers behind your swing." 4
Poseidon's Trident "The seas are yours to command." 5
Grand Archmage Morigos's Ancient Spear "The inscription is muddled but you can make out the words "Morigos" and "Archmage". When you wield the spear it seems to speak to you." 5
Rime Covered Life Staff "Icey tendrils extend out from the end of the staff." 5
Tundra's Call "Most rangers avoid the tundra. But the few who brave it have found weapons and riches beyond their wildest dreams." 5
Nightweaver "The magical energies of Aeternum sing a different song at night. Nightweaver seems to shine a bit brighter when the sun goes down." 5
Chillwind Hatchet "The cold blast of wind chilled the warrior to the bone, freezing her in her place." 5
Frost Bite "Posessed by a vengeful frozen giest, this bow yearns to make others suffer as it had." 5
Timebound Musket "Ever present and always with you." 5
Prize Winning Rifle "First prize at the settlement fair." 5
Musket of the Snowy Reaches "When you are alone out in the fringes of the world, it pays to have a trust steel companion." 5
Eternal Rest "Sleep now, your work here is done." 5
Corrupted Heartshot "Corruption will take your heart one way or another." 5
Yetibone Great Axe "Yetis are giant creatures and their bones are perfect for the handles of axes and swords." 5
Tempermental Waraxe "Sometimes this axe seems to love you, and other times it seems to despise you." 5
Salted Earth "Nothing shall remain when we finish with you. Your lineage, your future, all that will remain will be memories." 5
Faemother's Great Axe "She sought to defend her people but found only death." 5
The Familiar "It's a bit unconventional, but at least it doesn't knock flasks off my table." 5
Shard Of The Obelisk "This fragment of the Obelisk still hums and shakes in the presence of Azoth, as if threatening to shatter once more." 5
Luminous Dream "Light from the moon scatters upon the ground, each fragment showing a different world." 5
Flawless Grandmaster's Spear "To become a grandmaster spearman requires decades of training and dedication. When one achieves such an unparalleled feat they are given a spear crafted by the finest artisans of Aeternum." 5
Veilpiercer "Look beyond what is in front of you. See the evil beyond the pale." 5
Eternal Dusk "It is only in these moments that I feel our twilight lasts forever." 5