Empowered I

Empowered I is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: 20% of damage is converted to Arcane. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher. We have found 16 items with this perk in our database.

Empowered I
20% of damage is converted to Arcane. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher.

Items with this perk

Total: 16
Title Description Tier
Cut Flawed Sapphire A gem with an attunement to the Empowered I weapon trait and Arcane Ward I armor trait. Can also be used in Jewelcrafting. 2
Oversized "Wand" "An overconfident mage once tried to teach an ogre to use a wand. The ogre quickly discarded the wand and killed the mage, but what remains seems to be functional as a spear." 2
Icepick "The glacial freeze is difficult to break up. In my years of exploration I've found that quick and powerful jabs yield the most consistent results." 2
Iceforged Rapier "Quickly cooled and enchanted with the power of the tundra." 2
Enchanted Sabre "A mage blessed the metal before it was forged, leaving a magically imbued blade that presents a danger to all." 2
Arcane Cracker “Knowledge has no bounds, why should you?” 2
Arcane Infused Life Staff "Arcane magic is... unusual for these sorts of spells, but I suppose it can work." 2
Frostbitten Fire Staff “The flame lingers despite the frosty tendrils of the staff.” 2
Arcane Fire "Master magicians all start somewhere. The poor soul who lost this is probably still being scolded." 2
Arbirator's Wisdom "The difference between life and death is but a swing." 2
Ice-threaded Longbow "The icey tendrils are pervasive, piercing into the heart of the bow." 2
Frosty Flintlock "The steel is cold and brittle." 2
Empowered Flintlock "A mage once casted dozens of spells on this musket trying to make himself the world's best shot. While he failed miserably at that, he did succeed at enchanting the weapon." 2
Massive Frosty Axe "The edge of the axe is a dark blue hue, much different than the steel present elsewhere." 2
Empowered Great Axe "The Archmage always did say to enchant your weapons." 2
Runecarved Blade "The artistry of the Ancients lives on through this blade. Perhaps there's some meaning to it." 2