Beast Bane

Beast Bane is a perk in New World MMO. It has the following bonus: +14.1% Damage to Beasts. We have found 95 items with this perk in our database.

Beast Bane
+14.1% Damage to Beasts.

Items with this perk

Total: 95
Title Description Tier
Draught Of Wolf Essence Crafting item with an attunement to the Beast Bane perk.
Shattered Life "No matter how broken you are, you can be pieced back together." 2
Mountain Thorn Years of Azoth pulsing through the mountain's core have honed this sediment into a deadly edge. 2
Ashen Wake "To ash with them. They will burn here and in the afterlife." 3
Fearreaver "Let not the timid wield me." 3
Sea Angel "As the rotting ship sank she let let loose her final arrow. On it, she tied a cry for help, now adrift upon the sea." 3
Captain's Longshot "The captain never misses a shot." 3
Sharpened Anchor "Mariners are a resourceful lot. This weapon seems to have been an anchor for a small ship at one point, though it has since been sharpened to a formidabler greataxe." 3
Quick Wit "A sharp mind is nothing without a sharper blade." 3
Obsidian Slasher "Though many think obsidian to be brittle, a skilled smith can create the deadliest of weapons with it." 3
Elegant Hunting Rifle "The perfect proportions and weight for a sport hunter." 2
Eye of the Inferno "The eye plucked from a great lion makes an excellent focus for fire." 3
Hulking Spear "The massive size of this weapon makes it unwieldy to wield for humans, yet perfect for the forces of the Corrupted." 4
Ancient Problem Solver “Throughout history we have seen one continued method of solving all problems. Violence.” 4
Manskewer “Strick them with the pointy end.” 4
Cannibal's Hammer "A doctor was found to have eaten many of his patients, first knocking them out with his hammer before feasting on their corpses." 4
Overgrowth "The wilds overran the village, forcing the people from their homes. Decades of history, uprooted in an instance." 4
Dragonfang Recurve "This bow weighs more than others of its kind, perhaps because of the beings it was used to slay before your time." 4
Baroness "As his troops were routed, he told me my place was at Court. I put an arrow through his eye." 4
Soulbound Great Axe "This weapon is attuned to your soul. You and it are one." 4
Axe of the Abomination "Stitched together and reborn in undeath, the abomination wielded an axe of massive proportions and cut down soldiers by the dozen." 4
True Path "Give no regard to those who wander; they are already lost." 4
Soulcage "How many souls are trapped within this staff? Too many to count." 3
Lordsbane "Sometimes, the final blow of a battle falls before the battle even starts." 4
The Huntress "Glide home, glide home to the eye of the bull." 4